What can we be doing NOW?

Special Elections are happening! They may not be as sexy as the upcoming 2020 race, but they will guide the direction of the country. We MUst all reach out within our communities to raise funds and get out the vote! join sister district (www.sisterdistrict.com) and stay in the know about how you can impact races happening all over the country. And JOIN DEFENDEMOCRACY OF CT on FACEBOOK for Updates on how you can be involved!

First up is April 2nd! Pennsylvania is a swing state, and we have an opportunity to flip a seat blue by getting Pam Iovino elected to State Senate in District 37. Hers is a crucial seat to fight gerrymandering. Read about Pam here, and help get votes for her by making some calls! In 30 minutes you can make a huge difference - and it’s easier than you think. Click here to do it from home!

What is DefenDemocracy?


We the people of CT believe that change starts locally. Small grassroots organizations are the engines that ignite national change. Our organization, DefenDemocracy, is devoted to helping our local citizens MOVE - mobilize, organize, vocalize and energize - in the name of protecting our institutions and preserving our rights as American citizens. We encourage all of you to lean in, stay engaged, and DefenDemocracy. 

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About defendemocracy

Find out about our organization, our methods, and the results of our advocacy.

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We Invite you

Ready to MOVE? We are all one voice, and we would love you to join us at our next event.

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