What can we be doing NOW?

November 6th is around the corner. We MUst all reach out within our communities to get out the vote! Contact your local Democratic committee or headquarters to find out what is needed. whether you are interested in going door to door, making calls, or giving money, there is a lot to do. and children, dogs and non-drivers are always accommodated!

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just help!

click on the link below for your town:

westport: http://www.westportdemocrats.org/get-involved/

wilton: http://wiltondems.org/get-involved/

norwalk: https://www.norwalkdemocraticparty.com/action/

fairfield: http://www.ffcdp.net/ht/d/Home/pid/277160

bridgeport: https://ctdems.org/action/

stamford: http://www.stamforddems.com/

greenwich: https://www.greenwichdemocrats.org/take-action

new caanan: http://www.newcanaandems.info/

darien: http://dariendemocrats.com/get-involved/

Also: get the teen voters to the polls this time! Call your own college students or tell friends who have kids 18 and over to get their votes in on time! We need ALL VOTERS!

What is DefenDemocracy?


We the people of CT believe that change starts locally. Small grassroots organizations are the engines that ignite national change. Our organization, DefenDemocracy, is devoted to helping our local citizens MOVE - mobilize, organize, vocalize and energize - in the name of protecting our institutions and preserving our rights as American citizens. We encourage all of you to lean in, stay engaged, and DefenDemocracy. 

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